What are Medico’s fees?

Medico charges an annual retainer fee for primary care physician services which is based on medical complexity of the patient.  The fee is determined after an initial consultation with the client.  The retainer is an out of pocket expense and not reimbursable by health insurance.


What services are included with the annual retainer?

The annual retainer fee covers all inpatient and outpatient physician visits as well as 24/7 physician access via cell phone or email, in addition to a number of other services.  

Do clients need to have health insurance?  Yes, clients must have medical insurance for medications, testing and hospitalization.


Does Medico maintain admitting privileges with hospitals?

Yes, the preference is to admit clients to UPMC Shadyside Hospital.  However, Medico will consider obtaining privileges at other hospitals that are permitted by a client’s health insurance.


Does Medico offer services other than primary care physician services?

For most clients, Medico assumes the role of their primary care physician or works in conjunction with the client's primary care provider.  However, some clients seek short term medical care, consultations or second opinions.  Medico charges an hourly fee for these services.


Who covers when Dr. Fato is out of town?

Dr. Fato is covered by an internist when she is out of town only.  However, Dr. Fato still responds directly to all emails and phone calls when she is away.