Read about Dr. Fato in Pop City

August 18, 2009 by mfato | 0 Comment
Concierge medicine and my work with the Film industry is discussed in this article. more >>

  Do Doctors Treat Celebrities Differently

August 06, 2009 by mfato | 0 Comment
  Interesting article on how celebrity can affect tthe patient-doctor relationship and why doctors need to be careful when dealing with famous patients. more >>

  Be Careful Regarding Supplements

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Read this NY Times article on the dangers of unregulated supplements that may contain is important to always read the label and check with your doctor first prior to taking any vitamins, herbs or supplements.. more >>

  Does Your Doctor Judge You Based on Your Color

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All patients should be aware of this issue...your race or color may affect the type of medical care that you this interesting CNN article.. more >>

  Why are There No Primary Care Doctors?

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Read article below on CNN on why there are no more primary care doctors in the US.  It will be a huge problem in the next 20 years. more >>